In 2003 The GutterShutter Company launched its national Dealer Marketing campaign from their Manufacturing HQ in Cincinnati, Ohio, with the goal of providing homeowners nationwide with a “complete” Leaf & Debris Free gutter system that would eliminate all the issues that a homeowner has with standard gutters. Since the company’s founding, GutterShutter now provides installation of the GutterShutter System in 30 cities across the United States and Canada that are currently installing nearly 1 million feet of this stress-eliminating system across the company’s independently owned locations each year!

The GutterShutter Company’s team of highly trained professionals in every area of the remodeling industry brings a work ethic to the Industry that is second to none! Our Model “Retail” Dealership in Cincinnati has trained every independent dealer to Market, Install and Administer this Code of Ethics so that every homeowner from coast to coast can expect a fully functioning, PERMANENT Leaf & Debris Free Water Management System on their home that is Guaranteed to never clog or pull away for the lifetime of the home or GutterShutter will replace it!

Why Gutter Shutter?

Before the GutterShutter System, the only available remedies available to homeowners within the market were found in either “under the shingle” hooded solutions or screens that not only fail to protect the gutters from debris, but often conflicted with standard roof systems and warranties. With GutterShutter however, homeowners can expect the following:

  • A clog free system guaranteed to never pull away from the home for the lifetime of the structure
  • Elimination of the need to climb a dangerous ladder to clean out clogged gutters
  • A water-tight seal from the roofline down using the GutterShutter Patented “high-back” gutter trough
  • An elimination of clogged downspouts and associated underground plumbing issues
  • A beautiful addition to the homeowner’s home that adds curb appeal and value to the property with
  • GutterShutter’s Crown Molding look and feel
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Lifetime Guarantee!

With guarantees that last for the lifetime of the home, GutterShutter certifies that the system will never clog, fill with debris, or pull away from the home. This system is mounted not to the shingles or the roof, but instead directly to the fascia board, or the home itself, meaning that should the roof need replacement, the GutterShutter system installed on the home remains in place without damage or need for replacement. Please be advised that your local GutterShutter Dealer is an independent reseller & installer of the GutterShutter System and that certain warranties may contain labor specific to your area.

A Welcome From CEO Mark Steinberg:

“ Thank you from The GutterShutter Family for visiting our website! We truly appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to find out about The GutterShutter System and what it can do for your home.

Please feel free to spend a few minutes to navigate the pages of our site to find out why The GutterShutter System is a sound investment in your home that will last a lifetime.”

— Mark Steinberg

Awards and Recognition

GutterShutter is the proud recipient of a number of awards and honors. A few of our more recent awards include:

Consumers’ Choice Award – Recognizing GutterShutter as the best gutter company in Cincinnati for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018!

Forest Park Chamber of Commerce 2014 Business of the Year.

Honored on Best of the Best Television four years in a row!

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